Pool Water Chemistry

Prior to testing make sure you complete the following steps.

  • Brush all the walls and floor of your pool including steps and benches.
  • Backwash and rinse your filter/s (repeat again after the next step).
  • Vacuum or connect your pool cleaner as per your normal procedure.
  • Test and balance your pool water.

If you are unsure what to do take a sample in a clean container and PoolBlitz will analyse it for you free of charge. From this analysis we will also provide recommendations and if you mention this article you can get 10% off any chemicals required.

Once you have the pool water balanced and prior to anyone swimming we suggest that you “shock” your pool with your preferred sanitizer and run it for a few days. Following the winter period or after lots of rain your pool usually needs a “shock” dose.

And if all else fails and you simply can’t be bothered. Then contact your friendly PoolBlitz teams and we’ll come look after it all for you!!







If you are time poor and need help you can always contact the PoolBlitz team and we can do all this for you!