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Magna Pool

Have you ever wanted a pool that didn’t leave you feeling salty or smelling of chlorine? How about a pool that is therapeutic and beneficial for your health?

Then look no further, Magna Pool is the alternative you are looking for.

What is Magna Pool?

Magnapool is a unique mineral based swimming pool system which utilises premium grade sustainably sourced potassium and magnesium chlorides instead of regular sodium chloride pool salt.

This unique mineral blend works in conjunction with a reverse polarity electrode system to produce a silky, smooth substance called Magnesium Hydroxide. This combined process delivers superior water quality for swimming pools.

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals that most people simply aren’t getting enough of in their everyday diet. Absorbed transdermally, Magnapool mineral water has amazing therapeutic and health benefits for detoxing the body. Unlike a traditional swimming pool, every swim in a Magnapool is a rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

You will immediately feel calm and destressed, your quality of sleep will improve and any damaged skin will feel softer and nourished.

Did you know magnesium is a major co-factor in over 350 enzyme systems throughout the body? Magnesium is essential for achieving and maintaining strong bones, restful sleep, a healthy heart and optimal brain function.

Main benefits of Magna Pool

Pools using Magna Pool are healthier to swim in

Less likely to cause skin irritations (Perfect for sensitive skin)

No salty or chlorine smelling residue

Noticeable increase in water clarity

Easier to maintain and overall less chemical maintenance

Can I just add Magna Pool to my current pool?

To convert your swimming pool into a Magna Pool, some changes may be required in addition to adding the Magna Pool mineral blend to your pool. Costs can vary depending on the age and size of the pool but any pool can be converted to a Magna Pool.

Where to buy Magna Pool?

Magna Pool equipment and Magna Pool minerals are available by delivery and at our pool shop in Bowen Hills Brisbane. As an authorised Magna Pool Dealer we are qualified to assist you with any questions you may have about Magna Pool,

To speak with a Magna Pool consultant, contact us 1300 476 652

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