Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating

If you find your pool cold all summer long or if you need to swim every day for health reasons there is nothing better than swimming in a warm pool, or a pool you can dive into and not feel cold the minute you go into the water.

At Pool Blitz we are an agent for QIS Solar Wise solar pool heating systems and we have been helping pool owners in Clayfield and the surrounding suburbs enjoy heated pools since the day we opened.

Solar Pool Heating is the most economical and greenest way to heat your pool for 7 – 9 months a year.  In a typical system we install solar collector matting on your roof along with a solar controller which has both pool and roof sensors. As the sun comes up and the roof starts to heat, the solar controller registers the suns heat and turns on the solar booster pump, similar to your pool pump, which boosts the pool water to the roof wherein turn it is heated by the sun’s rays via traveling through the solar collector.

Solar pool heating can be a quick installation, usually less than a day and the system begins to work straight away.

In terms of running costs, solar pool heating will generally cost between $200 – $250 a year.

5 Reasons to use Solar Pool Heating

  • Take the chill off your pool for the season
  • Get the kids using the pool more and not the xbox
  • Solar pool heating systems are virtually silent
  • Solar heating is automated and runs only when thermostat requires
  • Systems come with 15 years warranty and are virtually maintenance free

Free Pool Heating Consultation

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